How can the clothes dry? No moisture


There is a kind of helplessness, called the beloved clothes collar widening.

I believe that many girls will encounter such a problem, looking at the super favorite collar always involuntarily become wider 乾衣方法and can not wear, really do not want to give up, but also helpless.

So, changing clothes and we have nothing to do?

Come to see if the following practices can now often happen to you yourself.

The first: wash clothes for convenience, without any twist-dry treatment, or randomly dry clothes directly with a little power.

This causes the weight of the water to pull the clothes down, thus making the collar wider.

Second: Using the 乾衣方法power of the "woman man", the clothes are twisted into a ball, shaped like a twist, in order to remove water quickly.

This practice directly with external force to make the collar deformation, can not be taken.

The third: drying clothes when we did not carry out the use of clips, directly set students a Chinese clothes rack and ignored.

Over time, the collar will continue to stick out, and the result of widening is certainly inevitable.

See if these 乾衣方法 three practices are a big new revelation? Then go on to see how to deal with the general open-mouthed, deformed helplessness into our own control ~

Tip 1: Separate out the collar when wringing out the collar, do not wring dehydration to the collar. After wringing out the clothes said the clothes shake loose and smooth.

Tips:There are two ways to dry clothes, depending on the situation. The first way is to take the way shown in the picture above, with two clips to hold the ends of the collar, to give the collar to do modeling treatment. But it is best to add a hanger, with this way to dry clothes on the hanger, you can avoid stretching the collar; the second way can be used in full sunlight, the clothes will be folded to dry, can play a very good role in protecting the collar.


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